The Myrtle Farm Montessori

At Myrtle Farm Montessori, our aim is the development of each child’s full potential. We believe that the child between 3 and 6 experiences heightened sensitivity and mental powers. She learns easily and joyfully in a carefully prepared environment. Foundations are laid for a lifetime of learning, as well as for social and emotional development. We respect each child’s integrity as a unique individual with special talents and learning style.

The Montessori Method is the basis of our program but we incorporate the insight of later developmental psychologists and educators as well. The child’s responsible freedom within a carefully structured environment allows him to develop at his own pace. Trained and experienced teachers carefully observe each child, giving individual or small group lessons according to interest and ability.

Myrtle Farm Montessori School is licensed to operate by the State of California. The school is an equal opportunity provider of quality early childhood education. All children are welcome regardless of race, religious beliefs, or ethnicity.